Explore the Liquid LiFE in Orkney


Highland Park Distillery [Est. 1826] 

Where to find: Orkney Mainland, Kirkwall
What to drink: Whisky

Liquids: Highland Park Whisky

Homepage: https://www.highlandparkwhisky.com/


Scapa Distillery [Est. 1885]

Where to find: Orkney Mainland, Kirkwall
What to drink: Whisky

Liquids: Scapa Whisky

Homepage: https://www.scapawhisky.com/


Orkney Gin Company [Est. 2014/2016]

Where to find: Orkney Mainland, Burray
What to drink: Gin, Akvavit

Liquids: Aatta Gin, Johnsmas Gin, Mikkelmas Gin, Rhubarb Old Tom Gin, Johannistag Navy Strength Old Tom Gin, Orkney Akvavit

Homepage: https://www.orkneygincompany.com/


Deerness Distillery [Est. 2016]

Where to find: Orkney Mainland, Deerness
What to drink: Gin, Vodka (and in the future Whisky)

Liquids: Seaglass Gin ...

Homepage: https://www.deernessdistillery.com/

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Orkney Distilling [Est. 2016]

Where to find: Orkney Mainland, Kirkwall
What to drink: Gin

Liquids: Kirkjuvagr Gin ...

Homepage: https://www.orkneydistilling.com/


Kimbland Distillery [Est. 2017]

Where to find: Sanday
What to drink: Gin (and in the future Whisky)

Liquids: Sanday No. 1 Gin

Homepage: https://kimblanddistillery.com/

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VS Distillers Ltd  [Est. 2018]

Where to find: Lamb Holm
What to drink: Rum

Liquids: J. Gow Rum, J. Gow Spiced Rum

Homepage: https://jgowrum.com/

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Sinclair Breweries Limited [Est. 1988]

Where to find: Orkney Mainland, Quoyloo
What to drink: Beer

Liquids: The Orkney Brewery

Homepage: https://www.orkneybrewery.co.uk/

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Swannay Brewery [Est. 2005]

Where to find: Orkney Mainland, Swannay/Birsay
What to drink: Beer

Brands: The Swannay Brewery

Homepage: https://www.swannaybrewery.com/

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Orkney Wine Company [Est. 2005]

Where to find: Lamb Holm
What to drink: Wine, Liquors

Liquids: Orkney White, Orkney Red, Orkney Rosé, Laboard, Tattie ...

Homepage: https://www.orkneywine.co.uk/

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